A Greek teacher is held against her will by a group of students she had failed
Artur Mas, Homs and eight other leaders of the 2014 sovereign consultation will have to pay one million in interest
They ask for a jail for a masseuse in Valladolid for touching a client buttocks and pinches
We can ridicule Vox’s motion: “It is a numerite and we should not waste too much time”
The King appeals to the Angolaña Assembly to “unite efforts” against the war in Ukraine
The Covid Pandemia was due to a laboratory leak, according to the US Department of Energy.
All the fiscal measures approved by the Government: lowering of personal income tax, new tax on the rich…
At least 60 dead, including several children and a baby, when a boat full of immigrants crashed against the rocks in Calabria
Zakharyan refused “Galatasaray” – “for personal reasons.” Wants to Europe, but not to Turkey
“Match TV” and the RFU are making a show out of the Cup, but there is a problem – “Spartak” does not let you into the locker room